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Amplyifying earned media: why the story is only the start

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in General, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

Earned media results always starts by asking “why.” Why is this story relevant? Why does your audience care? Once this is clear the chance of your story getting published greatly increases. The story is only the start. Earned media is the most credible of the four types of media – paid, earned, shared or owned- also known as P.E.S.O. Earned media begins by convincing editors, writers, producers and bloggers that your story has merit. You can’t buy earned media. According to Amplify, LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Report, “Earned media is the holy grail of marketing. Chipping away...

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How PR has grown up: the evolution to a blended branding approach

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

The purpose of public relations has not changed in decades — build interesting and accurate narratives and tell great stories that include stakeholder perceptions.                                                       What has changed quite significantly in the last two decades is the way stories are told. The number of available channels has increased to make parts of our jobs 24/7 – online news, blogs, and social media. Despite the number of increasing channels, knowing your audiences and where they are online is the first step to creating a dialogue that’s valued and shared....

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How Cloud-Based (aka ‘virtual’) Companies Could be a Model of the Future Workforce

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Entrepreneur Thoughts, Management, PR Methodology | 0 comments

The office culture is shifting, driven by a large wave of millennials craving flexibility and, most importantly, purposeful workplaces.  The benefits of a cloud-based company go beyond the organization and into a movement toward a model for a future workforce. Gini Dietrich, author of SpinSucks, took her Chicago-based PR company virtual in 2013. “From a business perspective, my team is completely focused on results, not activity or staying at their desk during lunch or after hours just to prove they work more hours than anyone else. Productivity has increased nearly 30 percent.” Founder of...

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The Inverted Pyramid Methodology: Storytelling, Thought Leadership & Getting Noticed

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in PR Methodology | 1 comment

Today, organizations want to stand out in the marketplace and drive people toward their businesses. Understanding the “why” is the first step in storytelling that differentiates an organization from others. The Ballast Group’s storytelling methodology first answers the “why” your stakeholders care. This approach challenges you and other thought leaders to delve into the fundamentals of how your organization relates to others and the marketplace in which it operates. At the top of most pyramids is where many leaders and companies like to initially place themselves. Instead of focusing on you...

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