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Define Success before a PR Engagement Begins

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in General, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

A question that I like to ask CEOs or sponsors at the beginning of any new project is: “How will you define success at the end of this project? If your definition was a news headline, what would it say?” A former Baxter executive founded a medical education start-up company that taught physicians how to practice a simulated procedure instead of practicing on a real patient. He answered my question with a commanding: “I want to be on the cover of Fortune magazine as the most feared man in medicine.” Alrighty I thought — a very articulate and focused leader. He continued, “If hospital...

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How to Build Your Reputation Plan to Prepare for the Worst

Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in General, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

How do smart businesses define and manage issues that arise whether internal or external? Concerns about an organization’s decisions could affect its mission, reputation and economic performance. Issues have an impact on all stakeholders: employees, recruits, customers, partners, investors, politicians, activists and the general public. How does an organization build and maintain a great track record in the public’s mind? We believe this responsibility is based on three foundations for reputation management that include economic performance, social responsiveness, and the ability to deliver...

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How to Optimize Results for Your Digital Press Release

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016 in Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

The most widely used document by PR practitioners to engage the media is a press release. It has not died; it’s simply used in different ways today and helps frame your ‘pitch’ to reporters. The web-centric world makes it easier for both small and large companies to create and publish news through owned and paid channels such as your website and social networks, as well as wire services. Then let your influencers share it. A multimedia news release (MMNR) is one way to convey your message. These ‘smart’ releases embed high-resolution photos and video, utilize SEO, include social media...

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Integrating Traditional and New Media PR Campaigns

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Client Talk, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

Where do you get breaking news – when reading a paper (what?!), talking to a friend, or scrolling through your social media feed? Today, we receive news all day long in messages through multiple channels on various devices. In the past, PR professionals have relied on traditional media outlets to share their client’s brand stories, however, with the emergence of new technology PR professionals have had to modify their strategies to the growing digital space. Organizations have adapted to this environment by integrating traditional and new-media tactics in PR campaigns to consistently...

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The Words from Steve Jobs that Drive Kellee Johnson as an Entrepreneur

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Entrepreneur Thoughts, General, Lessons | 0 comments

I got the idea to start an integrated communications firm in 2005, the same year the late Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech at Stanford. It was called: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” I still follow these words today. ‘Hunger’ to me is staying curious enough every day to define the WHY. ‘Staying foolish’ to me is not being afraid to take risks that may result in mistakes. I had to work hard once I decided to go out on my own and build a team of experts. These words were my daily inspiration. Hear more on about how the Ballast Group team applies the ‘why’ people will care to...

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