How Cloud-Based (aka ‘virtual’) Companies Could be a Model of the Future Workforce

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The office culture is shifting, driven by a large wave of millennials craving flexibility and, most importantly, purposeful workplaces.  The benefits of a cloud-based company go beyond the organization and into a movement toward a model for a future workforce. Gini Dietrich, author of SpinSucks, took her Chicago-based PR company virtual in 2013. “From a business perspective, my team is completely focused on results, not activity or staying at their desk during lunch or after hours just to prove they work more hours than anyone else....

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How to Build Your Reputation Plan to Prepare for the Worst

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How do smart businesses define and manage issues that arise whether internal or external? Concerns about an organization’s decisions could affect its mission, reputation and economic performance. Issues have an impact on all stakeholders: employees, recruits, customers, partners, investors, politicians, activists and the general public. How does an organization build and maintain a great track record in the public’s mind? We believe this responsibility is based on three foundations for reputation management that include economic performance,...

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How to Optimize Results for Your Digital Press Release

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The most widely used document by PR practitioners to engage the media is a press release. It has not died; it’s simply used in different ways today and helps frame your ‘pitch’ to reporters. The web-centric world makes it easier for both small and large companies to create and publish news through owned and paid channels such as your website and social networks, as well as wire services. Then let your influencers share it. A multimedia news release (MMNR) is one way to convey your message. These ‘smart’ releases embed high-resolution photos...

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Integrating Traditional and New Media PR Campaigns

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Where do you get breaking news – when reading a paper (what?!), talking to a friend, or scrolling through your social media feed? Today, we receive news all day long in messages through multiple channels on various devices. In the past, PR professionals have relied on traditional media outlets to share their client’s brand stories, however, with the emergence of new technology PR professionals have had to modify their strategies to the growing digital space. Organizations have adapted to this environment by integrating traditional and...

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The Words from Steve Jobs that Drive Kellee Johnson as an Entrepreneur

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I got the idea to start an integrated communications firm in 2005, the same year the late Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech at Stanford. It was called: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” I still follow these words today. ‘Hunger’ to me is staying curious enough every day to define the WHY. ‘Staying foolish’ to me is not being afraid to take risks that may result in mistakes. I had to work hard once I decided to go out on my own and build a team of experts. These words were my daily inspiration. Hear more on about how the...

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Strategies vs. Tactics: Why and How to Run a Successful PR Campaign

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A successful PR campaign goes beyond pitching your story and getting media coverage. There are various elements that take place before and after your campaign. All of these separate components help maximize the chance for success and the amplification process once a story is published. Mastercard’s CMO, Raja Rajamannar, claims that the success to keeping a campaign fresh is through storytelling. He explains, “Gone are the days where you talk to consumers. We have to be effective storytellers. But today, storytelling is not adequate. You...

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The Inverted Pyramid Methodology: Storytelling, Thought Leadership & Getting Noticed

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Today, organizations want to stand out in the marketplace and drive people toward their businesses. Understanding the “why” is the first step in storytelling that differentiates an organization from others. The Ballast Group’s storytelling methodology first answers the “why” your stakeholders care. This approach challenges you and other thought leaders to delve into the fundamentals of how your organization relates to others and the marketplace in which it operates. At the top of most pyramids is where many leaders and companies like to...

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The Ballast Group celebrates 10 years of storytelling

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The Ballast Group is an integrated communications and branding firm that helps develop and tell your stories to your most important audiences in the channels that matter. Watch the founder’s message: Today, storytelling goes beyond earned media (aka stories told by journalists and producers). Our approach to thought leadership content helps shape the best stories, identify third parties to articulate them with you and gets the lead-generation results that you seek. We believe in integrated initiatives for generating demand, increasing...

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Keep the conversation going

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In celebration of Treacy Marketing Group’s 25th anniversary, I wrote this blog post on great story telling strategies that stand the test of time. It’s a new way of life for public relations practitioners, and it is fast-paced. One-way communication was then; two-way, 24/7 dialogue is now. Today, conversation is happening between stakeholders, not at them. What haven’t changed are the most crucial components of any public relations initiative: planning, building a narrative, and telling a compelling story. Five traditional values of...

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PR Pro as Biz Pro

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I strongly believe that a good PR pro is also a business person – understanding it, developing it and quantifying it. Whether you are with an agency or a business, or you are novice or seasoned, good PR pros know their role leaps beyond selling the company story and into credibly selling the company’s products and services with its customers. This post will help connect these dots for why we as PR leaders work hard building relationships and drawing attention to CEOs, companies and industries. No matter the kind of business, when...

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