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12 Leads in 12 Minutes: Now What? Never Assume Your Client Defines PR the Same Way You Do

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Client Talk, General, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

Every public relations professional and many CEOs know the power of earned media. A lead in a major metropolitan newspaper or an interview on a network station that gets syndicated — this type of exposure can lead to millions of impressions that increase a business’s revenue and reputation. While PR contributes to sales goals, sometimes different levels of leaders can misinterpret the role and responsibility of the PR function. Typically business leaders dictate the strategy for building the internal structure necessary for managing an influx in prospects and leads due to great PR...

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Integrating Traditional and New Media PR Campaigns

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Client Talk, Lessons, PR Methodology | 0 comments

Where do you get breaking news – when reading a paper (what?!), talking to a friend, or scrolling through your social media feed? Today, we receive news all day long in messages through multiple channels on various devices. In the past, PR professionals have relied on traditional media outlets to share their client’s brand stories, however, with the emergence of new technology PR professionals have had to modify their strategies to the growing digital space. Organizations have adapted to this environment by integrating traditional and new-media tactics in PR campaigns to consistently...

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Customer-centric PR: letting others tell your story

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Client Talk, General, Lessons, Management, PR Methodology | 0 comments

If you are not using third party, customer-centric PR, there is a high likelihood that your brand’s full potential is not being reached. Whether you run a PR agency,  a nonprofit, a small-mid-size business, a 10-person marketing department, or a larger corporation, the size of your brand potential might just depend on the PR philosophy that you apply. How many third parties do you foster to help shape your brand or – big ghast – to collectively become your largest public voice? We call this philosophy customer-centric, or third party PR. Brand advocates can be at work on...

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What is your catalyst?

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Client Talk, General, Lessons, Management | 0 comments

After spending eight years in the medical technology start-up world, six years in Corporate America’s pharma and consumer products sectors, and two years consulting, I founded the Ballast Group, an integrated communication strategies firm. I believed finally I had enough experience in many areas of industry and business that potential clients could gain insights from them. But I didn’t always have the guts to take such an entrepreneurial risk. My sailing partner and coach, a commercial real estate entrepreneur, was my catalyst. On a slow-to-no-wind race day on Lake Erie for the...

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Fire a prospect before hiring a client

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Client Talk, General, Lessons | 0 comments

Fire a prospect before hiring a client Recently I had an experience where I chose to pass on a prospect to avoid a nightmare client. This experience made me stop and think hard before going with my gut. Some would say that I passed up potential business. When a relationship is right, you sense it from the get go. The perspectives and education of both parties in their respective fields is clearly understood on both ends. The same goals are understood and shared; there is mutual respect, curiosity and the perspective education by both parties in their respective fields is clearly understood...

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