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Find Your Inspiration: Best 2017 Commencement Speeches

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It’s that time of year again when the weather warms and the tassels are turned to the left side. As college seniors graduate from private and public institutions across the country, news organizations flood us with headlines of commencement speeches with the “best advice” or “words of wisdom.” Twelve years ago, as Kellee Johnson started The Ballast Group, one commencement speaker’s words stood out. Delivered by Steve Jobs at Stanford University’s 2005 commencement address they were: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” Those words inspired The Ballast Group team in 2005 and continue today. To help...

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How Entrepreneurship Fuels Job Growth

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“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” For those of you who know The Ballast Group or our founder, Kellee Johnson, it is likely that you have seen or heard these words — especially around college graduation time. This quote, from Steve Jobs’s 2005 Stanford University commencement address, is the inspiration behind Kellee Johnson’s entrepreneurial spirit and the force behind her drive to continue finding best storytelling practices for The Ballast Group everyday. In 2005, Kellee founded The Ballast Group after working for Tropicana, Abbott Labs and several medical technology start-up companies....

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The Importance of Joining a Board

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Many young professionals who launch a career consider three things before starting: Can I support myself financially doing this work? Will I like doing this work? Am I offering the world some type of benefit by doing this work? Often for motivated career professionals, these questions never stop. In fact, Presidents and CEOs of major companies ask themselves these types of questions annually. The search to find that perfect balance between happy and doing good becomes a lifelong quest. The Ballast Group’s founder, Kellee Johnson, offers insights on best practices to keep your game in...

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How Cloud-Based (aka ‘virtual’) Companies Could be a Model of the Future Workforce

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The office culture is shifting, driven by a large wave of millennials craving flexibility and, most importantly, purposeful workplaces.  The benefits of a cloud-based company go beyond the organization and into a movement toward a model for a future workforce. Gini Dietrich, author of SpinSucks, took her Chicago-based PR company virtual in 2013. “From a business perspective, my team is completely focused on results, not activity or staying at their desk during lunch or after hours just to prove they work more hours than anyone else. Productivity has increased nearly 30 percent.” Founder of...

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The Words from Steve Jobs that Drive Kellee Johnson as an Entrepreneur

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I got the idea to start an integrated communications firm in 2005, the same year the late Steve Jobs gave a commencement speech at Stanford. It was called: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” I still follow these words today. ‘Hunger’ to me is staying curious enough every day to define the WHY. ‘Staying foolish’ to me is not being afraid to take risks that may result in mistakes. I had to work hard once I decided to go out on my own and build a team of experts. These words were my daily inspiration. Hear more on Entrepreneur.com about how the Ballast Group team applies the ‘why’ people will care to...

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