Eight ways PR is like sailing (3 of 3)

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Eight ways PR is like sailing

Part three of a three-part blog series published as seen in PRBreakfast Club 
PR Pro’s: would you add anything? Sailors: what do you think?  Other professions: how can you relate to these metaphors?
7)  To tell a great story, as with sailing, you must always connect the dots.

On the water, the sails are connected to the mast which is connected to the hull that is connected to the tiller and to the hand that steers the boat. That hand is connected to the eyes that are always watching the compass that is connected to the “Windex” at the top of the mast to gauge the wind direction, wind speed and boat speed. Patterns can be anticipated if the weather is checked before leaving the dock. When identifying, building and telling a story, one must connect the dots to make sense, to see opportunities and to leverage them with the most appropriate audiences.  PR pros never miss a chance to tell a good story that could be perceived as elusive by others. We always connect the dots to figure out the best strategy.

8) Like sailing, in PR you have to be curious and creative to accomplish results.  

When sailing, you wonder what Mother Nature will give you that day. Will it be 2, 12 or 22 knots of wind? Sun or clouds?  Clear air or low visibility?  Hot or cold air? In PR, you hope for a perfect storm of your key messages being conveyed at the best times to the most appropriate audiences that hear or influence your call to action. Will your efforts result in one huge hit in the Wall Street Journal or a subtle story in the local paper? Will it take months or just days to secure interest from an editor or blogger to find your story credible? Even if your intended group doesn’t show up to a speech, a panel discussion or a launch event, digitally capture the core messages and identify ways to send them to this audience electronically and through your social networks. When you are hungry, you are curious. And when you are curious you have creative ideas. Connect the dots of those ideas to create great stories that drive customers, investors, the news media and others to help favorably change your business in the next one to three years.

May you find fair winds, fun seas, and satisfied clients in your journey, mate!

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